North Carolina Internation Law Journal 2.0

The North Carolina International Law Journal were so satisfied with my work that they came back to me when it was time to refresh their design. We once again collaborated to create a new version of their site equipped with the new features they desired.

Skills Used: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, mySQL

Wealth Advisory Group

Wealth Advisory Group was looking for a streamlined system in which they could ascertain feedback from their employees. We worked together closely to develop this system, where each leadership and staff member could log in to access their reviews. At the beginning of each quarter, 5 employees are randomly selected out of certain pools and an admin can send email through the system to let the employees know that the peer reviews are ready for completion.

Skills Used: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, mySQL

Scott Weisenthal

Scott Weisenthal was looking for a way to showcase his work in an online portfolio. We worked together to flush out a design that fit his needs and fashioned a site that he was extremely pleased with.

Skills Used: WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

Tyler Hill Camp

Tyler Hill Camp was looking for a way to turn their once paper-driven counselor evaluation system into something that could be used in tandem with their brand new iPads. With the system we've developed, counselors, evaluators, and approvers can all be added and organized by an admin user. Counselors can be assigned a division, and can be given a designation based on their type (general, specialty, or group leader). Evaluators can be assigned different counselors to evaluate, and access counselor evaluations from previous periods. Approvers can look through the submitted evaluations and finalize their approval. A CSV export can be generated detailing the full-camp results of each evaluation period, and all counselor evaluations are archived at the end of the season.

Skills Used: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, mySQL

Track My Trek

This is a personal endeavor of mine, created during a backpacking trip through Central America. I found that there wasn't a great visual way to represent a long backpacking-style trip, so I sought to make one for myself. Using the Google Maps API I was able to create a system in which users could search for certain cities and could add them to their interactive map. Login happens through Facebook, and statistics are kept so you can keep track of where you've been and how long you've been traveling.

Skills Used: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL Google Maps API, Facebook API

North Carolina International Law Journal

The North Carolina International Law Journal contacted me seeking out a better way to organize their archive of law journals from years past. They had seen how other university-based journals were functioning and tasked me with creating a similar product for them. I found a pre-existing WordPress theme and hacked at it until we landed on something that they were very happy to call their own (saving them the time and money of creating from scratch).

Skills Used: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress


Kishr approached me looking for a simple website and a searchable, user-friendly map of their stores. Using designs of their making, I was able to create a simple website from scratch that fulfilled all of their requirements. To create the map of their stores, I found a pre-existing plugin and fiddled with settings, so it fit the design and functionality that Kishr was looking for. I then created a form that a site admin could use to upload a CSV file of their stores, that the map would then pull its data from.

Skills Used: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Google Maps API

International Sports and Music Project

As the CTO of the International Sports and Music Project I work pro bono to manage and improve our SquareSpace website. We worked together initially to create a website that would capture the values of our organization in a format that was both sleek to look at, and sensitive to the people to which we were providing our services to. We use SquareSpace to its full capacity, taking advantage of the ability to both create content, and add interactive widgets to make our website pop. We will soon be adding a shopify based ecommerce platform to showcase our new merchandise.

Skills Used: SquareSpace, CSS3

Lets Get MoVenn

This is another one of my pet projects that allows the user to enter up to 6 movies and find similar actors between them. I used the open API from The Movie Database to grab movie details in tandem with the jVenn plugin for jQuery to create interactive charts to display the results.

Skills Used: API Integration, jQuery Plugins, jQuery, PHP