My name is Arie. I am a web developer. I have a moustache.

I create all sorts of cool stuff.

Everything from simple splash pages to in depth applicational systems. From scratch or within a CMS. I am extremely flexible when it comes to web development, and I love to learn new things to complete interesting projects. I liken web development to building with blocks. The pieces are always the same, and if you need to get a new block to complete a tower, you'll still have it when you knock it down and build anew.

People talk about me.

Our Law Journal had the pleasure of working with Arie on two separate occasions over the course of three years with the goal of creating and significantly updating our website. During our most recent update, Arie was able to quickly determine how best to change our website to address our evolving needs, while working within our budget. What was most impressive to us was that fact that our current needs required the structure of the website to become more complex. Arie was able to perform the work without hesitation and was excellent about communicating with us when he needed more information. With regard to communication, Arie was also very careful to make sure he determined what our desired timeline was so that he could deliver our new website on time, and on budget. We were thrilled with the final product that Arie delivered. It had all of the functionality that we had asked for, and at the same time was easy to maintain. Arie made sure that we had a detailed guide for how to use the new site. As impressed as we were with the product, the thing that has kept us coming back to Arie is the fact that he has always been responsive to questions and requests for little tweaks after the site was completed. If you are looking for great service, reasonable pricing, and an excellent final product, you have come to the right place.

Daniel Maher
North Carolina International Law Journal

Arie was easy to work with and did a great job. He was able to take a word press template that our law journal liked and completely customize it to meet our needs. He worked quickly and efficiently and helped us stay on budget. He was also quick to respond any time I wanted to make changes to the site or when I encountered a problem later on. I would definitely go to him for another project in the future.

Adam Sorenson
North Carolina International Law Journal

Arie has been a pleasure to work with in all ways. He asks a fair rate for his work, and stayed in contact with me about his progress throughout the project. He skillfully wrote scripts to interact with several major social media company APIs (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on a short deadline, but his work was consistently ahead of schedule, which helped keep my project ahead of schedule too. He was willing to be flexible when some plans for the project turned out to be impossible, and came up with several creative solutions to problems that arose with API restrictions. I’d happily recommend him for any similar projects.

Mason Decamillis
R Shiny Programmer

We were very satisfied with the work Arie did to update our website. He was responsive to our questions and changing needs and got the work done much faster than we anticipated. The instructions he provided have given us more control over the day-to-day management of our site, which is immensely helpful.

Erin Zanders
Community Music School

I’m super happy with the website Arie made for my company. Arie was detail-oriented, flexible, and quick. We got our new website up within a few days. Everything works just as planned & looks exactly how we wanted it. Arie does great work & has reasonable rates. I’d love to work with Arie again & highly recommend him.

Merry Marwig

Arie was wonderful to work with. He was intuitive, responsive, detail oriented, and extremely patient as he helped us build a small business website tailored to our needs. His creation of individualized tutorials was especially helpful and I still use them for reference!

Julie Zerwitz
American Historical Guild

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